Domestic Enquiry

If you are grocery store/chain owner, bulk ingredient buyer, institution, dry fruit retailer, bakery owner etc or want to buy our products in bulk on wholesale/bulk pricing, then please register yourself as a business buyer with us and provide your GST details. Click on the link below.

Below is the workflow for the business/wholesale customers to order online-

Step 1-  ‘Click to register as bulk buyer’

Step 2- Send your registered mail ID with valid GSTIN number or business details with some proof on [email protected] or you can directly call Mr. Rupesh on 9910512752 for bulk buying.

Step 3- Once we approve you as a business buyer and confirm you on email then go to website and log in.

Step 4- The Wholesale tab will appear on top. (this tab will reflect after we verify you as a business), Click on that and select the items as per your requirement & add them to cart.

Step 5- Make the payment through our online J&K Bank LTD. gateway or you can directly make a payment through BANK transfer and confirm your transaction details at [email protected]

Step 6- Product will be delivered to your address within 3-10 days through FedEx,Tirupati & DTDC.

International Enquiry